Propeller Puller

Simplify installation of propellers and propeller shafts
  • Up to 100 ton capacity
  • Tailored design to your specifications
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of cranes and scaffolding
  • Eliminates the need for pad-eyes, welding and chain-block operations
  • Significant time saving
  • Low maintenance

The Syncrolift Propeller Puller is an innovative tool designed to streamline the process of removing and reinstalling propellers on maritime vessels. This specialized equipment is engineered to handle the demanding requirements of propeller maintenance with precision and ease, significantly reducing the time and effort traditionally associated with these tasks.

Ideal for ship repair yards and marine service facilities, the Syncrolift Propeller Puller enhances operational efficiency and safety during critical maintenance operations.

Key Features

  • High Capacity: Capable of handling propellers up to 100 tons, the Syncrolift Propeller Puller is suitable for a wide range of vessel sizes, from small pleasure crafts to large commercial ships.

  • Efficient Operation: This tool simplifies the complex process of propeller removal and installation. Its design eliminates the need for manual lifting, pad-eyes welding, and the use of cranes and scaffolding, which are traditionally required for such operations.

  • Safety and Precision: The Propeller Puller ensures a controlled and secure environment for handling heavy and delicate propeller components. Its precision engineering minimizes the risk of damage to the propeller and shaft during removal and installation, ensuring that all operations are performed safely.

  • Customizable Design: Understanding that each vessel may have unique requirements, Syncrolift offers the Propeller Puller in customizable configurations. This flexibility allows for tailored solutions that fit specific operational needs and propeller types.

  • Reduced Maintenance Time: By automating critical steps in the propeller handling process, the Propeller Puller significantly cuts down maintenance time. This efficiency allows shipyards to reduce downtime for vessels undergoing repairs, leading to better throughput and reduced operational costs.


The Syncrolift Propeller Puller is particularly beneficial for shipyards and maintenance facilities that regularly handle propeller repairs and replacements. It is also ideal for marine operations where minimizing vessel downtime is critical to operational efficiency and profitability.

This video from back when Syncrolift were part of TTS shows an early version. We are continually improving and adapting this product.

The propeller puller help ship repair yards improve speed of operations and customer satisfaction.

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propeller puller with propeller pulled
Propeller puller with propeller pulled.



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