Shiplift Systems

Safe and fast. From the smallest ships to vessels weighing above 30,000 tons.

Maximise shipyard effectiveness

Syncrolift has successfully built over 240 shiplifts worldwide. We make your shipyard flexible, efficient, and most importantly – safe. Over many years, we have tested, refined, and optimized the lifting and launching of ships.  

A Syncrolift ship lift can radically boost the effective use of your shipyard's area. We aim to dry-dock as many ships as possible yet still enabling you to launch vessels in the order you require. 

Unlike a traditional floating dry dock, the Syncrolift lets your team lift your vessel out of the water quickly and safely and transfer it to a shore-based dry-berth workstation for maintenance or repairs.

Shiplifts are a fast way to lift and launch ships, meaning less inactive time for ship owners and increased productivity for your shipyard, with more ships passing through.

Our skilled and experienced engineers will, together with you, find the best technical solution for your shipyard.