Safer shipyard production

Syncrolift docklift for safely transporting vessels or ring sections up and down between the dock floor and the shipyard main production level.

Docklift - A Syncrolift invention

The DockLift was invented by Syncrolift (TTS) over four decades ago. Its primary purpose was to cater to newbuilding yards in pursuit of heightened efficiency during the ship assembly process.

Adhering to the golden rule of constructing mega blocks indoors before assembling them in the dock has not only substantially reduced man-hours but also presented a significant challenge in lowering the block into the dock.

Today, mega blocks can weigh between 1,000 to 7,000 tons. Constructed on principles similar to those of a ShipLift, the DockLift is uniquely situated within a dock. Consequently, each DockLift is tailor-made to meet specific requirements, including block weight and logistics, such as the necessity to relocate the DockLift prior to the ship's launch.

As graving docks gradually become a technology of the past, existing graving docks are being transformed into either a shiplift or DockLift, marking a significant shift in maritime infrastructure technology.

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