Syncrolift Academy - Training programs

Elevate operational efficiency and maximize the performance of your Syncrolift system

Training = Safe and efficent operations

Our training programs aim to ensure the safe and efficient operation of Syncrolift installations. Anyone working with heavy load handling and Syncrolift shiplifts, whether management, operation or maintenance, is the target of our training courses.

All training courses offered can be tailored to your operation's needs – both the duration and the number of trainees required.

  • Upon completion of the training program and taking part in an examination the trainee will be awarded a Course Certificate.
  • Syncrolift recommends a maximum of 8-10 trainees per course.
  • All courses are 7-hour days during working week Monday-Friday.
  • Syncrolift provides all necessary training material

Where can you take part in a our training? 

  • on-site training at your shipyard
  • training at Syncrolift’s Office and Innovation Lab in Norway, or at a Syncrolift Service Office in Miami, Dubai, or Singapore.
  • remote or online training.

What does our training consist of?

The training sessions consist of learning about the theoretical principles behind the equipment, and several on site practical training sessions where the trainees can physically experience/operate the equipment putting into practice the theory learnt from the classroom training.

Additional 3D training

In addition to our traditional training of new and experienced equipment users, we offer training using our simulator, giving a more realistic understanding of our equipment/systems for a user/dockmaster. Simulation training Syncrolift® (shiplift), transfer systems and maintenance of equipment. The training suits all personnel in contact with the aforementioned Syncrolift® equipment.

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About the Syncrolift Academy

Our comprehensive programs are designed to elevate skills, enhance operational efficiency, and maximize the performance of your Syncrolift® system. 

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned professional, Syncrolift® Academy offers a blend of theory and hands-on experience to ensure mastery of your Syncrolift® operations. Led by seasoned experts, our tailored courses cover everything from operation and maintenance to advanced understanding and troubleshooting techniques.

Approved by Lloyds Register

Syncrolift is an approved training provider by Lloyds Register. This is a reminder of the quality we need to maintain in our training and operations.

The Syncrolift Dockmaster Training is also an approved course. 

Lloyds Certificate for Syncrolift Dockmaster Training

Lloyds Certificate for Syncrolift as Training Provider


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