Syncrolift Refresher Courses

For trained personell wanting to stay refreshed and up to date
  • Accreditation: OEM Course Diploma
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Shiplift Operational & Maintenance
  • Transfer System Operational & Maintenance

Update your knowledge on Syncrolift systems

If you already have been through the main Syncrolift training courses a while ago, but see the benefits of staying up to date these are the courses for you. Maximizing shipyard efficiency requires skilled and eager-to-learn personell.

Two different refresher courses

Shiplift Operational & Maintenance: For staying on top on everything you need to operate and maintain the Syncrolift shiplift systems.

Transfer System Operational & Maintenance: For operating and maintaining the Syncrolift ship transfer systems.

Suitable for:

Skilled personell that has been though the comprehensive training cources.

Course material:

Syncrolift manuals, presentations and online resources

Course info

Most training courses offered can be tailored to your specific needs. We want this to be of maximum benefit for your shipyard operations, so please inform us about what you think you and your crew needs most training on.

Number of trainees

Syncrolift recommend maximum 8-10 trainees per course. If a significantly higher number of trainees are needed, Syncrolift recommend dividing the course into two or more consecutive sessions.

Number of trainees for remote or online training can be agreed upon before course start.


Necessary training material for the specific training courses will be provided upon course start.

For courses delivered at Customer premises, the Customer shall provide the proper facilities for the course execution. This includes proper airconditioned classroom, seating, overhead and projector.

About the Syncrolift Academy

Our comprehensive programs are designed to elevate skills, enhance operational efficiency, and maximize the performance of your Syncrolift system. 

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned professional, Syncrolift Academy offers a blend of theory and hands-on experience to ensure mastery of your Syncrolift operations. Led by seasoned experts, our tailored courses cover everything from operation and maintenance to advanced understanding and troubleshooting techniques.

Approved by Lloyds Register

Syncrolift is an approved training provider by Lloyds Register. This is a reminder of the quality we need to maintain in our training and operations.

The Syncrolift Dockmaster Training is also an approved course. 

Lloyds Certificate for Syncrolift Dockmaster Training

Lloyds Certificate for Syncrolift as Training Provider

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