Transfer your ships anywhere in your shipyard
  • Work load area up to 10 000 tons
  • Tires
  • Fluid bed
  • Self propelling
  • Multi directional movements
  • x and y movements
  • Lifting/lowering
  • Accurate assembly of ship sections
  • 100% hull painting access
Flex Trolley Render

FlexTrolley is a tire based transfer solution customised for handling ships. 

The FlexTrolley is an innovative solution designed by Syncrolift for optimizing the efficiency of shipyard operations. As a tire-based transfer system, it is particularly noted for its flexibility in use and transfer capabilities. This system is ideal for handling various types of ships, thanks to its design that accommodates multidirectional movements. With the capacity to handle up to 5,000 tons, the FlexTrolley allows precise lifting, lowering, and accurate assembly of ship sections.


The FlexTrolley's design focuses on maximizing the available yard space and operational efficiency. Its self-propelling nature and ability to move in the x and y directions without the constraints of fixed rails make it a versatile choice for shipyards looking to enhance their operational dynamics.


The system is also designed for ease of use with minimal ground force impact, promoting a more streamlined and less invasive setup for ship transfer operations. This design philosophy ensures that the FlexTrolley not only meets but exceeds the needs of modern shipyard operations, combining robust functionality with enhanced flexibility.


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