Fluid-bed Transfer System

A high-end system that can safely handle your ship
  • Work load area up to 40 000 tons
  • Rails
  • Fluid bed
  • Self propelling
  • x and y movements
  • Accurate assembly of ship sections
  • 100% hull painting access

There are two ways to transport a ship. The old way is using a “stiff” transfer system with no cushion effect. The modern way is using the Syncrolift Fluid Bed technology which protect the ship from high loads.

The Fluid Bed Transfer System (FBTS) gives you peace of mind while transferring ship, whether on uneven ground, from floating dock to land, or from shiplift to land. The FBTS will also allow level out peakload from say an engine section. The effect of this, seen from a shiplift view, is that the shiplift is capable of lifting higher load ships, due to its capability of levelling out loads, which again avoid winch overload.

The FBTS allows for uneven ground, i.e. less piling or strengthening of ground, which again means less investment in the ground/civils.

In addition to handling ships, the FBTS can be used to assemble ship blocks in a accurate way. Manipulation of blocks can be performed in any direction/axis.

In this failsafe, redundant system, wheels cannot break, and accidents cannot happen.

Key Features

  • High Lifting Capacity: Capable of handling loads up to 40,000 tons.
  • Multi-directional Movement: The system features a fluid bed technology that allows for self-propelling movements in multiple directions (X and Y axes).This capability ensures precise positioning of vessels, which is crucial for efficient operations and space utilization within the yard.
  • Enhanced Safety and Control: Integrated with state-of-the-art control
    systems, the Fluid-bed Transfer System offers enhanced operational safety and ease of use. Operators can execute complex movements and adjustments with high accuracy, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall workplace safety.
  • Durability and Maintenance: Designed with robustness in mind, the Fluid-bed Transfer System is built to withstand the harsh conditions of maritime environments. Its maintenance-friendly design ensures long-term reliability and lower life-cycle costs, with less downtime for repairs and servicing.
  • Customization and Scalability: Syncrolift understands that no two shipyards are the same. The Fluid-bed Transfer System can be customized to fit specific operational needs and spatial constraints, providing a scalable solution that grows with your facility.


This system is beneficial for any type of yard.

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