Shipyard Layout Planning


Years of experience optimizing shipyards

Maximizing the operational efficiency of a ship repair yard or a newbuild shipyard is not just about a faster modern shiplifts or a smart transfer system. It can be about

  • improving foundations to enable heavier loads
  • removing structures to get rid of bottlenecks 
  • adding flexibility to your transfer system so you can utilize more available space.

We at Syncrolift have decades of experience helping shipyards improving their workflow. We have encoutered countless challenges and learnt something new from every one of the hundreds of shipyards we have worked with.

Worldwide Expertise in Shipyard Optimization


Syncrolift is a good discussion partner for shipyard professionals

We pride ourselves in finding good solutions. That is part of our Norwegian heritage as a seafaring nation. We are used to facing different people and different ship repair challenges, and we know if we are humble to your challenges our knowledge can help you and your shipyard plan and improve operations.

If you are facing challenges with your shipyard layout and need someone to discuss potential improvements: Get in touch.

We are engineers. We love solving problems.



Romar Halvorsen