Syncrolift Dockmaster Training

Approved course by Lloyds Register
  • Accreditation: OEM Certification
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Type: Classroom
  • Course material: Syncrolift Dockmaster Manual

Full contol of shipyard operations

Our shiplift dockmaster training course is specifically prepared and organized for teaching the attendees on how to prepare and execute docking using a shiplift.

Dockmaster training is essential for maintaining maximum efficency in shiplift operations. Good, knowledgeable dockmasters understand load distribution, dock ships faster, and will have fewer aborted lifts. Training dockmasters on Syncrolift equipment enhances the productivity of the shipyard.

Competence, reliability and trust are the hallmarks of our business, and we work hard with customers to ensure the effectiveness of equipment throughout the shiplifts’ life cycle. 

Syncrolift OEM

We are the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of all Syncrolift installations, and the only ones who kan provide OEM training on Syncrolift equipment. 

Course objective

The dockmaster program aims to elevate the trainees understanding for basic principles, procedures andevaluations to safely dock and undock a ship using a Syncrolift® shiplift.

Suitable for

Novice and seasoned shiplift Dockmasters and Dockmaster’s crew, operations personnel.


Module 1 – Introduction and general information
Module 2 – The docking sequence
Module 3 – Transfer operations
Module 4 – Undocking procedures
Module 5 – Definitions of terms
Module 6 – Relevant calculations prior to docking and undocking
Module 7 – Safety of personnel and equipment
Module 8 – Forms and check off lists

Course Material - Syncrolift Dockmaster Manual

Approved by Lloyds Register

Syncrolift is an approved training provider by Lloyds Register. This is a reminder of the quality we need to maintain in our training and operations.

The Syncrolift Dockmaster Training is also a Lloyd's approved training course. 

Lloyds Certificate for Syncrolift Dockmaster Training

Lloyds Certificate for Syncrolift as Training Provider

About the Syncrolift Academy

Syncrolift Academy is specialized in building shiplift and transfer system competence.

We offer (realistic) Dockmaster training, maintenance and service. We make the training realistic by use of shiplift simulator and hands-on training on real shiplift equipment.

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