Modification and upgrades

Upgrade your shipyard to modern standards
  • Complete Control System upgrade
  • Platform upgrade
  • Transfer systems upgrades
Control Stand

Modifications and upgrades

There are many Syncrolift installations that we can help modify and upgrade it to modern standards. We know these installations incredibly well and can help you make the best decisions to maximise both efficiency and safety in your shipyard. 

Complete Control System Upgrade

  • New multifunctional control system with added functionality complimented with modern and more efficient el. motors

Modular upgrade

  • Software upgrade 
  • HMI (computer hardware) upgrade
  • Remote services, implement VPN solution

Platform upgrades

  • Renewal of old platforms
  • Replacement of Articulated with Rigid platform

Hoist Assembly upgrades

  • Renewal of old open gear hoists assembly
  • Replacement with fully enclosed Hoist Assemblies

Transfer Systems upgrades

  • Modular renewal
  • Complete upgrade to Fluid Bed Transfer System

Fast Docking ™ installations upgrades

  • Control and Monitoring upgrades
  • Capacity upgrade

More information to come

We are adding more features and information to our website constantly. Please reach out to us if you want to know more about our solutions and services!

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