OEM Spare parts

All our spare parts are built to exact specifications, exclusively supplied by Syncrolift
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Keep your operations safe

Original Equipment Manufacturer of Syncrolift Spare Parts

Syncrolift strongly recommends employing only original OEM spare parts your shiplift and transfer system. We care deeply about the quality of our engineering solutions and do not want to see malfunctions caused by using the wrong spare parts.

So let us help you keep your shipyard operating at maximum efficiency!

Spare parts inventory management

Some spares are more critical than others, and some are easier to get hold of. Knowing what to keep on site and who to connect with to get help if anything breaks, is vital in planning for operational excellence.

Syncrolift does an inventory review of critical spares for maximising system availability, and depending on the service level we agree on, we can handle all aspects of inventory management for your shiplifts and transfer systems.

We also offer spare parts on demand.


  • Pawl Solenoids upgrade and replacements 
  • Load Cell Pins upgrade and replacements
  • Brake assembly spare parts
  • Syncrolift ® wire ropes
  • Control System electrical components
  • Sheave Assembly, Upper and Lower, components
  • Marine friendly rope grease
  • Gearbox spares

Transfer Systems

  • Wheel Assemblies
  • OEM bearings
  • Seals and packings
  • Replacement hydraulic hoses,
  • Control blocks

Fast Docking Solutions

  • Hydraulic components 
  • Mechanical components

Questions about parts or maintenance?

We are engineers. We love solving problems. So any question you have  - feel free to ask. We will always do our best to help.


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